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In today’s fast paced world that often demands instant action stress and tension can overwhelm even a strong spirit. Is there a remedy? a smile  What is the antidote?  I have found that someone’s smile brightens my world.  Laughter sends my blues packing and singing a song or humming a melody lightens my heart.  So in ten words or less here is my encouragement for you for this weekend.

   Smile, laugh, song are three words with healing power.

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Treasure today

We can’t do anything about the past.  Yesterday is gone.  Tomorrow has not yet arrived.  We have no guarantee that what we plan for tomorrow will come to be.  But we can make the best of today.

I have always enjoyed reading Will Roger’s sayings.  He had an ability to combine wisdom and common sense.  For this weekend’s encouraging words here, in ten words or less, is an example of his wisdom.

 “Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.” (Will Rogers)

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The universe wept

Years ago I read an account of a young man, an ace fighter pilot in the early years of Second World War.  He loved his family and friends.  He loved life, and he loved to fly.  He loved his country, and even though he was trained as a airport-07iw_small fighter pilot and had flown several successful missions, he hated war and felt deep grief for each enemy pilot he shot down thinking of them as someone’s son or someone’s husband.  I don’t recall many of the details of the article, not even the pilots name.  So let me call him David.  I remember the account reported that his plane was shot down in 1941, I believe it was, and he lost his life.  What I will always recall precisely are the words with which the author closed the article.  He said, “While his family, friends and comrades grieved for him, the universe wept for David .”  To me his words were a profound statement of the worth of each individual.

In keeping with this brief account let me encourage you with the less than ten words spoken by Jeremiah, the prophet, bringing a message from God to the people – and remember you count.

 “I have loved you with an everlasting love.” (Jeremiah 31:3)  

And here is the promised brain teaser to keep Mr Alzheimer away.

What is the 6th number in this series?   10 – 14 -19 – 26 – 37 – _____

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I have to admit it.  I’ve been amiss in the last week or two writing a post at the beginning of the weekend that gives encouragement.  I’ve posted no “thoughts to consider” in ten words or less for a week or two.  Sometimes my plans don’t work out, and sometimes I’m just not inspired enough.  That’s a less brutal way of saying I didn’t take the time to do it.  But honestly, I do enjoy writing this weekend post most of the time.

It’s the last weekend of January 2013, and like many days this time of year what the world looks  like to us can drum up a depressing mood. Could the reason for this be that we too often look without truly seeing?   Here in ten words or less is this weekend’s thought to consider:

Only when it rains can you see the rainbow.

So I encourage you all in the drab days of January to see things that are amazing and beautiful?


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It’s a new week.  It’s still painful to sit at the computer, but here is the encouragement in ten words or less:

                                                    Believe in miracles. A family is one of them.       

Waiting for the parade

Waiting for the parade

And here is this week’s brain teaser: A grocery ad advertises plum for 19 cents a pound, pear for 18 cents a pound and pineapple for 41 cents a pound.  There is a pattern in these by which you can calculate the cost of a pound of peas.  What is that cost?

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The year 2012 has almost vanished.  Solomon wrote many, many years ago that there is a season for everything.  Are there then no enduring things? This weekend might be a good time to think on things we think might be enduring.

Let’s lake a bit of time to contemplate also on the following ten words.   

In the Bible we read God’s Word will endure forever.

Maybe there we can also find something to guide us in 2013.  In it we read that what He wants us to do is to do justly, love mercy and walk humbly with Him.

It sounds like a reasonable code to live by, in my opinion, and should keep me out of trouble in the New Year

Happy New Year!

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In its native environment an opal looks like any plain rock with no hint of brilliance or great worth.  But after it comes into the sunlight and is polished, it sparkles beautifully in shades of blue, green, red and yellow.  Of all gems it most closely resembles the beauty of a rainbow.  It is a unique gem.

The rock from which the opal comes took much time to form.  To reach its full beauty it has to be carefully shaped and polished.   Once it is finished it is a gem of unique beauty. It is worth a great deal.  Its beauty delights  those who look at it.  Jewelers say that the opal is a stone alive with beautiful fire.     Opals 002

Each person, in my view, is like an opal.  DNA tells us that each person is one of a kind, unique.  A life once lovingly shaped and polished possesses a unique beauty, and can create a great deal of good, bring much joy and happiness to those that life touches.

For this weekend, here in ten words or fewer is this encouragement for you.  This weekend take time to reflect and remember.

Each person, each life is unique, beautiful  and priceless.            

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Take time to reflect

Coast Mountains_2We are, in my view, in the busiest season of the year.  It’s a time when we can become so entangled in doing a multitude of things that we forget what toll it can take on us.  So here is a reminder to slow down for a few moments each day this weekend. Take time to reflect on what some of our blessings are.  Here in ten words or less is what I want to do to keep my sanity, and I hope you will do also.

 Reflect and enjoy the beautiful things near you.

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In ten words or less

One way I had initially planned to update this blog regularly was to add a few words of encouragements  weekly.  Starting this week I will post at the beginning of the week a few words, less than ten, that I hope to be encouraging.  I will also add a challenger or riddle to help keep Mr. Alzheimer at bay. In addition, at the start of each weekend I plan to add a new statement or quote to focus our thoughts on things other than work.

For the first part of this week I hope these less than ten words below will be an encouragement to a few of you.

                           Even tiny personal improvements are victories!   




And here is the challenger.  The date this coming Wednesday can be written as 12/12/12.

First, calculate or guess when the next time will be  that the date may be written that way.

And if you were to place the multiplication mark between the numbers instead of the slashes, how much would you have to add to the product to make 133 bakers’ dozens?

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