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Have you noticed?

My wife and I watched early in the morning on the 11th a touching Remembrance Day ceremony televised from our country’s capital. As the cameras panned across the scene and the crowd I noticed two things that disturbed me.  Most obvious and standing in sharp contrast to what we saw at that kind of ceremony even just five years ago the number of heavily armed policemen and women shocked me.  It wasn’t the only thing that bothered me about what I noticed among that massive crowd on Parliament Hill.

Later, at eleven we watched a wonderful Remembrance Day ceremony in our town that was witnessed by many local citizen.  While less noticeable and less heavily armed the police presence making the rounds near the cenotaph stood out to me.  Have you noticed what changes have occurred in our great country in just a few years that even at Remembrance Day ceremonies where we honor those who had been willing to die for our freedom we may not be safe?  Are we taking notice and are we ready and willing to stand on guard?   Remembrance day poppy 2

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One of the important tenets on which democracy is build is free and transparent elections.  A week from today the people of our area will vote for the civic candidates who will represent us for the next four year.


I am passionate about education, and I’m running for reelection to the Board of Education of our school district as trustee.

To help you make an informed choice please consider this additional, brief profile of my qualifications and beliefs.


My qualifications:

  • I have lived in town for 34 years with my wife.  Our children also make their home now in this area.
  • Four of our grandchildren still attend schools in our community
  • I have always been passionate about  all students getting a first-class education.
  • Serving as teacher and principal of Sunset Elementary School for 20 years then as District Director of Instruction has given me a good understanding of what it takes to build good schools.
  • I have an Education degree from Simon Fraser University, and a Master of Education degree from the University of Victoria.
  • I have served as trustee for the last nine years.


  • All students deserve access to a quality education and a safe, caring and challenging learning environment.
  • Trustees are the voice for parents, caregivers and students on the Board of Education and they must place their needs and wishes above their own aspirations.
  • Trustees also represent and work for their communities and the people who elected them, and they are accountable to them.
  • Teachers and school staffs make the most vital contribution to students’ education.  A Board of Education must provide the resources and the on-going professional development for them to do their jobs well.
  • The Board of Education must always select the best district and school leadership to guide the district.
  • Trustees must aim to keep class sizes low and must lobby vigorously to achieve reasonable class compositions.
  • Parents and community groups must have input into the educational goals the district sets.
  • Boards of education must lobby for reinstatement of programs cut in the past decade among them arts, trades and library programs.
  • Boards of Education must only close schools as a last resort and reopen them when possible.
  • Trustees must make sure the education budgets are spent responsibly.

Please feel free to call me or see me if you have questions my brief profile does not answer.






Please use your constitutional right and vote.

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