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We have had a few days of spring like weather, but the weatherman tells us it will rain for several days now.  So I hope this little story below will make you smile even with that kind of forecast.  532

An American I’m going to call Donald (For some reason that name sticks in my thoughts these days.) decided to write a book about famous churches around the world.  So he hopped on his jet and flew to Orlando deciding that he would start by working his way across America from South to North. On his first day he stepped inside a big church there to take photographs.  While snapping away he noticed a golden telephone to the right of the main altar with a sign above it that read “$10.000 per call”.

Donald was intrigued and asked a priest getting ready for mass what the telephone was used for. The priest replied, “That’s a direct line to heaven and for $10,000 you can talk to God.”  He thanked the priest and flew on to Atlanta.  There at a large cathedral he saw the same golden telephone with the same sign above it.  He asked a nearby nun lighting candles who could use the phone and was told it was a direct line to heaven and he could talk to God on that phone.

He thanked the nun and soon traveled to Indianapolis, Washington DC, Philadelphia and New York.  In each cathedral he visited the same golden telephone and $10,000 sign hung on a prominent feature wall.  Finally, leaving Vermont he decided to fly on to Canada to see if Canadians had the same phone in their cathedrals.  In the first huge church he entered in Canada sure enough there was the golden phone, but a sign below it told him a call would cost him fifty cents.  Disgusted he meant to leave, but asked a priest kneeling at the center alter about the sign.  “Father,” he said, “I’ve traveled all over America and seen this golden telephone in many churches, but each call to heaven there costs $10,000.  Why in the world is this call so cheap here?”

The father rose.  He smiled at him and answered,  “You’re in Canada now, my Son.  It’s a local call.”


Sunrise over the strait




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