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Almost two month have passed since I added a post to my blog.  Yes, I have been busy working on a couple of my novels, trying to keep ahead of the grass and weeds in the yard, starting to get ready for our move to a smaller house.  Yes, life will always provide the excuses to leave things for tomorrow to do.  I should mention that we also did an eighteen day Panama Canal cruise, but there were all these things to do on board the ship and all those sights to see at the eleven stops along the way to do what could be done tomorrow.Panama Cruise

I know, I know I could have just dug into my files and posted one of the many pictures there or posted a poems I had written in past years, poems I also had left to look at for tomorrow.  This morning I decided to take a quick sneak peak into my past written work, the poems,short stories and so on, but I only got as far as this poem, because there were other things begging me to do just then and I could always take time to look at that work tomorrow.

You Would Not Let Me Go

Your mercy was new each morning,

Even though I walked my own way.

You nudged me and directed my going,

Even though I took no time to pray.

I wandered and played without caring,

Even though you had a claim on my soul.

Life in the fast lane suited me better,

Even though you longed to make me whole.

My goals were to search for fortunes,

Even though you gave your life for me.

Choosing to chase the wind, I found no meaning,

Even though your blood could have set me free.

You loved me long before I knew you,

Even though I had willed to stray away.

You called me, touched and sought me,

Even though I still refused to obey.

Then one day you showed me Golgotha,

Even though my sin nailed you there.

Your last breath was to forgive my transgression,

Even though I had not asked for your prayer.

You rose and returned to the Father,

But you asked me to be still and know

That you chose me to share in your glory,

And that you would never let me go.

                                    (WHM )

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