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Secrets of Hawking Manor A few comments from readers

 “I truly love your writing. In fact I would categorize it along the same vein as John Jake’s work. You are a truly gifted writer and in my opinion Secrets of Hawking Manor is  a literary masterpiece. I can definitely see it being developed into a television mini-series or feature-length movie.” (L. Gomez, editor)


“Intrigue, adventure and romance are skillfully woven in Secrets of Hawking Manor.  Well researched and historically accurate, Manke’s story weaves a fictional tale that draws the reader from the first page.  The intricate plot travels from an English estate to the wilds of uncharted lands of America and back again.  The characters are welldeveloped with period appropriate language and culture.  The scenes are imaginative and take the reader to the time and place with ease.”  (Teresa Bird, Editor and Publisher)


“I truly enjoyed meeting your characters. I could identify with their joys and heartaches. They are universal and timeless. You have captured the essence of humanity. You have shown that the concerns, loves and feelings of mankind run a common thread throughout the ages. The language you used was rich and strong. Your descriptive imagery conjured up the most delightful scenes. Powerful writing. It is a book I want to reread.” (Chris Reusse, teacher)


“Only occasionally have I picked up a book and found it hard to put down.  But that was the case with Secrets of Hawking ManorI wanted to find out what happened next, and more than once I found myself reading on when I should have been getting my beauty sleep.  It’s that kind of book.  It’s a fictional, English family story written against a historical background and I definitely recommend it.  It’s a book that deserves a sequel.” (Gordon McMann)

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Secrets of Hawking Manor My novel is now published in E-book form. Kobo readers will find it there. The Smashwords store sells it and I believe Sony and most E-Book retailers handle it as well. It should sell at the Smashwords store for $7.99 while Kobo has it listed for $9.07. The novel is action packed. Many readers have praised it.  I’ll post some of their comment next.

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