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First day of winter

Winter arrived today.  For me  all seasons are beautiful.   I was about to write, even winter, but it might be more accurate to say, especially winter.  Think of a new fallen blanket of snow.  It can convert even a grey, uninspiring countryside into a scenic marvel.  Have you ever noticed the intricate pictures frost can paint on a pane of glass or theFamily pictures 171 windshield of a car?  As a kid I loved watching through the window the first snow curling down, and I looked forward to the backyard covered deep enough for me to build a snowman or other figures.  What boy or girl from three to ninety can resist a snowball fight?  For me a cap of snow lends mountains even greater majesty.  Those who have never skated or played hockey on a frozen pond or lake have missed out on one of winter’s great delights.  The beauty of a clear winter night and Northern lights of winter, I think, belong to nature’s greatest master pieces.  Yes, I like winter.Mount Cain trip 018

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A poem for the season

I had intended to post another excerpt from my novel “Beyond the Law” , but it’s the Christmas season.  It’s a time of year that can inspired me to write a poem.  Over the years I have written a number of Christmas poems. Thinking about the Biblical account of that first Christmas, it has always amazed me to realize that a baby born in a smelly stall is still celebrated today, more than 2000 years later while Herod, the powerful ruler at that time, whose impressive palace stood not far from that stall is long forgotten. Herods palace No one celebrates his birth.  There are no poems and songs written about him.  His impact on history is long forgotten.  I hope you will enjoy the one I have chosen for your enjoyment today.

Bethlehem’s Child

What child is this?

Born of old,

His birth the prophets had foretold.

They called Him Mighty God and Prince of Peace

And looked to Him for sin’s release.

What child is this?

Born in a stall,                                                                                                             manger scene

His birth the angels proclaimed to all.

Shepherds in fields had seen the wondrous sight,

And looked for Him by heaven’s light.

What child is this?

He found no room in Israel’s inn,

Yet wise men came to worship Him.

They found Him still a little boy,

Their hearts He filled with untold joy.

What child is this?

God’s gift to us, He came to do His will,

And history His story tells us still.

A counselor, a guide, He came to be.

The promised Savior for you for me.

What child is this?

Born in a cradle by love divine,

He knew and loved us throughout all time.

Left His heavenly Father and His glory,

To bring us Christmas’ wondrous story.

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