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Will the World End?

Will the world end once all the dust is settled after the US presidential election?  Probably not.  But I have no illusions about the world being a better place once the new president is sworn in.  While I only believe a fraction of what the media reports, the debates in which the two candidates running for president had an opportunity to shine shed a lot of unfavorable light on each of them as well as the media.

Most of the issues each of the candidates addressed were accusations of the other individual’s shortcomings. They pointed to terrible, if not criminal activities.  When we see smoke are we wrong to assume there is also fire?  Scary!  If only half of the accusations they leveled against each other is true, then the world is in for a rough ride.  Ineptness, fraud, greed, disrespect, lies and an unwillingness to go by the rules, all bared by the debates, will be the lesser of the evils heaped on this world by the new leader of one of the most powerful nations in the world, in my opinion.

As to the media, will the guardians of the truth, our news outlets, come to the rescue?  What have they reported about the debates that is substantial and informative to give us any hope?  We heard conjectures about who won the debates from them.  We learned how one candidate sometimes snorts into the microphone.  They commented on dress and missing handshakes.  They analyzed little if anything about what the candidates said about what they would do to make sure no child in this world goes hungry, what strategies they would employ to achieve world peace, what specific measures they would support for the people of this world to able to breathe clean air and a host of other topics that would make this world a better place.

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