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Months of writing it, weeks of editing and proofreading it and several days of formatting it and now it’s done. What is it? My fourth novel, “Beyond the Law”. It is now published in eBook form. It can now be viewed or/and ordered from Kobo, Barns & Noble, Apple, Page Foundry, 24 Symbols, Scribd, and Tolino.
Here is a brief description of what the novel is about. Beyond the Law 6When Marianne, the woman William loved more than life, got caught in the crossfire of a drive-by shooting, he swore revenge on all who made their riches through criminal activities. Under the cover of an entertainer known as the Minstrel he performed at parties for gangsters and their families to learn more about their involvement in crime, where they kept their most cherished and valuable belongings, and what security systems they employed at their mansions. Months later he returned late at night and robbed them of their most valuable and incriminating possessions.

Known as the Black Phantom because the thief had left no clues to implicate him in several high profile thefts Detective Vanessa Haldersen and her partner had been assigned to solve several of these million dollar thefts in their jurisdiction ascribed to this mysterious thief. While the robberies’ methods were similar in all regards, the detectives found no evidence that could lead them to the thief except one small card which contained the line of a love song. After months of investigations that small card led them to suspect the Minstrel. To find out if he was the Black Phantom Vanessa’s superiors decided that she needed to form a relationship with him.
But Detective Haldersen and the Minstrel, William Trucastle, who had not learned that Vanessa was one of the officers charged to investigate the robberies he had committed, felt a strong attraction for each other from the first time they met. That attraction they eventually realized was love at first sight. What would Vanessa do when she found out William truly was the Black Phantom? How would William deal with the knowledge that Vanessa was one of the officers investigating the jewel thefts he had committed?
Having fallen in love with Vanessa William decided the robbery of another gangster’s valuables he had been planning would be the last time he would step beyond the law. Little did he know that on a hunch the detectives investigating the Minstrel had staked out the mansion with plenty of backup officers the same night he planned to commit his last theft there.

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