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I’ve heard it said that with today’s advances in knowledge and technology “the sky is the limit” and “anything is possible” for man to achieve.  At the same time we have seen unusual weather invade parts of the world against which we have no remedy.  It prompts me to ask, “Who can tame a storm and command rain or snow not to fall.  In our part  of the world it is the middle of winter.  We should see the evidence of it on the ground.  But it feels like spring.  My thermometer shows me + 10 degrees Celsius, when I should expect froDSCF0422st on the ground as is the reality in the picture above.  Instead what we see today is the picture below.June July 2013 047

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With each season the view changes.  One of the changes that autumn brings to the view from our house is the absence of the cruise ships.  There must be a lesson, maybe even a story in that occurrence.

Enjoy the things that are fleeting, but it is futile to hang on to them.

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