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For the next few weeks I want to change my weekly posts of  encouragement in ten words to things I’ve learned.  I have been around the block a few times.  I’ve made good choices and bad ones, and in the process I’ve learned a few things.  Along with that I will continue with a question that will require a bit of thought to solve and so will provide some exercise for the brain.

Here for the last week of May is something I’ve learned.      Disney holiday 002

I’ve learned that happiness doesn’t depend on what you have, but whom you have.

And who do you think does this? What creature walks using four legs at first, three legs at last and two legs most of the time in between?

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For a while now I have neglected to post  words of encouragement,  inspiration and reflection .  It’s time this weekend that I make this right.

We all see, hear or touch things each day that, were we to take the time to reflect on them, they would fill us with wonder.  Just this afternoon I noticed a few plants I had planted recently drooping.  They had not benefited much from the showers of yesterday.   The breeze, I noticed bend them this way and that and seemed to contribute to their plight.  I looked at these plants again two hours after I had watered them.  What a difference!  They now looked strong and vibrant and even seemed to dance with the breeze.  So here in ten words or less is a little encouragement and inspiration.

                 Let  others

                   hear youwhales_3_2


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Many consider May to be the loveliest month.  We wish for it in the grips of winter and dream of what May brings to us. In many areas of the world it is the time when spring has conquered winter finally.  The sun shines warm, mostly without burning.  The world appears full of blossoms and new life.  The wind blows warm and softer.  It is as if love has filled the air.

Years ago I wrote the poem that follows on a late winter day that seemed to foreshadow this lovely months.  We have experienced half of May this year.  I hope you have enjoyed it and will also enjoy the poem.


532I heard from streams a new song rise,

Echoing among the hills tall throng.

I saw in barren fields snowbells wake

Joining in dance the whispering song.

I drank beneath waking trees sweet air

Tempting with blossoms all the day long.

I touched a tiny newborn blade of grass

Flirting with the breeze and growing strong.

I dreamed in natures bountiful hands today

Of faint, mellow hints of the coming of May.

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