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To all who read this, Happy New Year.  Have a blessed and prosperous 2016.  And when you look back and think about this year 2016 once it has passed, you can say, “It has been a good year.

For my family and me 2015 was a good and an eventful year.  Our children and grandchildren and we had been blessed with health and good fortune.  We have downsized putting our house of 36 years up for sale and purchasing a much smaller house.  I had my first vehicle accident in 60 years of driving, but on the plus side managed to get three of my novels published as eBooks with another one, “Beyond the Law”, to be published soon.  Best of all we were able to celebrate the Christmas season together with most of the family.


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Happy New Year

First I want to wish you all a Happy New Year.  At the finish of the year now history, when you look back, I hope you’ll say, “It’s been a very good year, the blessings the last twelve months brought are too many to count and outweigh the setbacks by far.”  But this day is not only a time to look back, but also an opportunity to look ahead.  Here is my advice to me.  Which of my dreams would I most like to achieve? I know dreams can become reality for those who actively pursue them. What can I do to make this planet a better world for me and others?  I’ll try never to forget that we live in a most beautiful but fragile world, and that there are some who cross my path daily who could use a helping hand a kind word or a smile.

For me the past year brought its difficulties, but they were outweighed by having my family members near by and all, big and small, had a very good year.  I’m pleased I managed to finish an extensive edit of Secrets of Hawking Manor.  More than that I learned how to format this book to print in electric form and have Smashwords accept it for distribution to a host of E-book publishers and retailer as well as their own store in a variety of formats that make the book readable on Kindle, Sony, Kobo and other devices.Secrets of Hawking Manor

I will make no predictions for 2015, but I do have a wish or two and some plans in mind. For this coming year I wish God’s blessing for all my family and friends, for a peaceful year for people living in fear, and that many will help with relief efforts wherever possible.  My own plans include to meet my diet and exercise goals, to edit and format five other completed novels and get them distributed to E-book  retailers everywhere.  Important to me is also to help with worthy causes and do what I can do to preserve the beauty of this world.

Sunrise over the strait


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Three came to visit

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Christmas is a season when we celebrate the birth of God’s son, the promised Messiah.  It is a season that is meant for families to get together.  It is a season of joy and hope.   It is a season that begs us to enjoy the present and to reflect both on the past and on the future.   For those who are hurting, are lonely, or are without hope this day we pray that the Christ of Christmas may touch your life.  Family pictures 130

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