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              A Christmas Prayer

Father in heaven we give you praise

For this time of year, the Christmas days.

Help us to remember during this season

The meaning of Christmas and the reason

We celebrate this blessed time each year,

Sing carols and buy gifts for all we hold dear.

Help us in the frenzy of the shopping mall

To adore the one who was born in a stall.

In the hustle and bustle as we go our way

Help us to be still, to think and to pray.

Let us recall God’s angel old Zacharias saw

                                                       Augustus’ decree, the shepherds’ great awe

                                                      Who heard the angel from heaven’s glory     Christmas at our house 003

     Announcing the Savior’s birth and His story.

        Help us to sing with heaven’s host of his birth,

     Of God sending his son and of peace on earth.

We give You thanks for all You have done,

And take time to worship your glorious Son.

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A sample of my poetry

A Broken Promise

There, on my table,
In the center stood
In crystal
On the polished wood,
A rose,
Exquisite in design.
Its head,
A crown,
More finely shaped
Then any by a mortal made.
Its strength,
A thorn, poised and secure,
A promise ring,
Of long life sure.
Its breath,
A healing for the soul,
A touch of love,
Sweet, beautiful and whole.
Each silken pedal
Perfectly the other wed,
But there on my table,
The rose was dead.

W.H. Manke – Sept. ’94

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